Useful Tips for Traveling in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel Tips - White Sand Beach

This article on useful tips for traveling in Costa Rica is brought to you by Costa Rica Focus (for more information visit their website here). San José, Costa Rica is amongst the favorite destinations for many nature lovers and for those beach life lovers. It is home to some of the densest rainforests with hundreds of tree species. The beaches in Costa Rica are expansive since Costa Rica is located between the Pacific and the Caribbean waters. You will always get what you are looking for in beaches here. Some of the beaches are lined by palm trees, some with rainforests; others are developed while some are pristine. If you want to enjoy Costa Rica to the fullest then you need to be well prepared for it. Here are some Costa Rica travel tips to help you out.

Useful Costa Rica Travel Tips

Learn a Bit of the Language

Spanish is the main language in Costa Rica, but most of the locals are also conversant with English and they are able to communicate fluently. That being said, learning a few words of the language will help you to fit right in and feel at ease with the people. Throwing in some Spanish during your shopping sprees might get you very good deals as you will be able to bargain better. You can learn greetings, how to find your way around, commonly used terms in Costa Rica, names of places you intend to visit, their money, how to bargain and so much more.

Consider the High and Low Seasons

Although the weather in Costa Rica is tropical, there are high and low seasons that you need to consider when planning your Costa Rica Vacation. The dry season, is the high season and it starts from November to April. During this season the weather is very conducive for outdoor activities, although it still rains slightly to moderately depending on which side of Costa Rica you are in.

The high season is also the time for the major holidays like Christmas, New Year and going all the way to Easter in April. This season is therefore very busy and crowded. You should plan ahead if you intend to visit during the high season because hotels and tours will be highly booked. Buses and other means of transportation while in Costa Rica might also be overbooked during this season. Due to the high demand, everything is pricey in the high season which brings us to the next tip; be ready to spend.

Be Ready to Spend

Costa Rica is a favorite tourist destination which also makes it expensive, especially in the high season. Some items are also more expensive in Costa Rica than they are in other places. Remember also that you will be tipping your waiters, housekeepers, drivers, tour guides and other service providers. Although you are not mandated to, it is best to keep the tradition and the locals happy as you enjoy yourself.

Maintain Your Security

Security is of utmost importance even as you enjoy yourself. Staying safe is a matter of a little caution and common sense. Keep your belongings within sight when in public places. At the hotel, ensure you put your precious items in the safe or deposit them at the hotel reception for safe keeping. You should avoid taking strolls alone at night. Ensure that your passport is kept safe and maybe have a copy handy, just in case. For your safety you should also avoid flushing money around. Generally, Costa Rica is a safe place to visit and with a little caution your stay will be perfect.

Consider the Weather

Costa Rica is a tropical country with high rainfall the whole year round. Even during the hot season, most of Costa Rica still receives some rainfall. This means therefore that you should pack rain gear with you when visiting Costa Rica. If you are taking tours ensure that your backpack is water resistant so your items are protected. Also, carry water resistant and quick drying clothing with you.

Take a Guided Tour

Guided tours are very helpful when you want to explore as much of Costa Rica as you can in the shortest time possible. Tour guides know where the action is happening at that particular time and therefore they will take you to the right sites at the right time. They know what places you should avoid for your safety and they will pinpoint all that you should see during the tour making it more enjoyable and engaging for you.

Changing Money

You do not need to change your money to Colones because most of the businesses there accept US$. If you need to change the money, do it at the local banks in Costa Rica to get the best rates.

With these tips you will feel at home and be able to enjoy Costa Rica safely. There is so much to enjoy at Costa Rica and if you have the time you can even extend your visit to the neighbors like Panama.